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Experienced And Qualified Lawyer specializing in Civil, Commercial And Constitutional Laws in Pakistan, advises Individuals And Companies on important Legal Matters And actively Represents in High Court, Subordinate Courts, and Tribunals.


Barrister Javaid Dars is an experienced and qualified lawyer specializing in civil, commercial, corporate, constitution, employment, intellectual property rights and tax laws in Pakistan. He advises individuals and companies on important legal matters and actively receives instructions for representation in High Court, Subordinate Courts, and Tribunals.

The practicing areas include but not limited to are Co-Operative Society & Trust Laws, Constitutional Law, Commercial Contracts & Performances, Company Laws, Competition laws, Employment and Labour laws, Environmental Laws, Family and Guardianship Laws, Finance and Banking Laws, Intellectual Property Laws, Irrigation and Agricultural Laws, Partnership Laws, Property Laws, Tax & Customs Laws and others.

He studied a qualified law degree at the University of London, completed Barrister Training Course at BPP University, UK; and subsequently was admitted to the Honourable Society of Lincoln’s Inn after a call to the Bar as a Barrister.

Additionally, he earned Diploma in specialized areas of Taxation laws (Income Tax, Sales Tax, Customs Laws) at the Institute of Business Administration Karachi, Certificate Human Rights at the University of DeGeneve, Switzerland, and Certificate International Law at the University of Leiden, Netherland. He has also studied a Master of Philosophy in Economics and contributed various papers in leading research journals and conferences in the subject areas of Law, Financial Economics, Banking Laws, Corporate social responsibility, and others.



A unique case strategy is constructed after a thorough case evaluation as such a time-bound legal action can be availed in the best interest of the client.

With utmost confidence and competence, the unique proposition of law supported by well-researched case laws is submitted to the Honourable Court as such to receive the decree based on justice and equity. For this purpose, high professional ethics are adapted to bring the case outcome in a timely manner without any unnecessary adjournments.

Moreover, with the permission of the court, the arbitration and negotiation may be opted before or during the pendency of the case as such the best interest of the client must be protected within all available remedies under the law.

The litigation services are based on the following:

1. Constitutional Petition in Apex Court

2. Civil Suit and Injunction in Trial Court

3. Tribunal/Special Court Representation

Specialized legal advice is provided in light of the prevailing facts, updated governing laws, and the latest court judgments.

The legal advice can be based on either or all of the following:

  1. Written Legal Opinion

  2. Legal Consultancy

  3. Legal Policy Handbook for Companies

  4. Retainership for Companies and Non-Profit Organizations

A comprehensive range of Transactional Legal Services designed to provide businesses with expert guidance and support in navigating commercial transactions with the smooth execution of business deals.

The consultancy is based on either or all of the following:

1. Agreement And Contract Drafting and Review

2. Commercial Transaction Advisory

3. Negotiation and Deal Structuring

4. Regulatory Compliance And Due Diligence

5. Tax And Customs Compliance

6. Intellectual Property Registration And Due Diligence

7. Cross Broder Transactions and Negotiation

8. Arbitration And Dispute Resolution


  • Writ Petition to enforce Constitutional Rights:

    • Judicial Remedy against ultra vires Administrative Decision/Order/Notification and others

    • Judicial Review of Subordinate Court, Tribunal or Public Authority Order

    • Judicial Remedy against Unlawful Custody or Detention

    • Judicial Remedy for speedy Subordinate Court or Tribunals Order as per Law

    • Judicial Remedy with Prohibitory, Permanent or Temporary Injunction

      • Legal Opinion under landmark judgments

  • Drafting and Vetting of Agreements and Contracts

  • Suit for Specific Performance of Contract and Injunctions

  • Application for Shares Transfer, Register Rectification and Injunction in Court

  • Legal Advice on Companies Scheme of Arrangement for Merger or Demerger and Sanction by Court

  • Drafting Article of Association/Memorandum of Association

  • Business Feasibility Report

  • SECP Annual Returns, Compliance and Reporting

  • SECP Proceedings

  • Company Registration

  • Registration, Protection & Litigation:
    • Intellectual Property
    • Copyright
    • Design
    • Patent
    • Trademark

  • Medical or Hospital Negligence Litigation

  • Personal Injury Litigation

  • Defective Goods/Services

  • Professional Negligence Litigation

  • Consumer Protection Litigation focus:

    • Automobile

    • Real Estate

    • Restaurant

    • FMCG Consumer

    • Medical/Hospital

    • Pharma

    • Telecommunication

    • Utility Services (Electricity, Water, Gas)

      • Legal Advice on Electric Inspector, NEPRA Proceedings

      • Legal Advice on Mohtasib Proceedings

      • And Others

  • Loan Re-Payments/Banking Court Litigation

  • Cheque and Default Payment Litigation

  • Anti-Money Laundering Transactions Proceedings

  • National Accountability Court Litigation

  • Financial Crimes Proceedings in Federal Investigation Agency

  • Drafting Employment Service Contract

  • Drafting Industry focus HR Policy

  • Litigation in Service Tribunals

  • Litigation in Labour Courts

  • Legal Advice on Mohtasib Proceedings

  • Legal Advice on Intra-Departmental Appeal

  • Legal Advice/Reply of Show Cause Notice

  • Khulla/Divorce And Maintenance Litigation

  • Child Custody/Guardianship And Maintenance Litigation

  • Inheritance and Succession Proceedings

  • Domestic Violence Litigation

  • Negotiation and Mediation

  • Declaration for Demarcation; Haq-e-Shifa; ownership; possession; cancellation and others

  • Legal Advice on Cooperative Housing Society Laws and Regulations

  • Legal Advice on House and Commercial Building Regulations

  • Property Dispossession Litigation

  • Rent Ejectment Application

  • Suit for Specific Performance and Injunctions

  • Venting Agreement, Contract, Deed ​

  • Legal Advice Sales Tax, Income Tax, Property Tax and Customs Duties and refunds

  • Litigation involving dispute in Sales Tax, Income Tax and Custom Duties Collection

  • Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) Commissioner/Appellate Appeals; Reference to High Court

  • Sindh Revenue Board (SRB) Commissioner/Appellate Appeal and Reference to High Court

  • Legal Advice on Reply to Show Cause Notice of FBR/SRB

  • Legal Advice on Assessment Order of FBR/SRB

  • Agriculture and Irrigation Laws

  • Anti-Harassment Laws

  • Co-Operative Societies Law

  • Cyber Crime Laws

  • Defamation and Damages Laws

  • Environmental Laws

  • Media Laws

  • Pro Bono Consultation and Litigation


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